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A versatile professional, Matt Humphreys is a skilled project manager, a talented singer, and an inspiring speaker in classrooms, boardrooms and on stage.
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Channels, Channels, Channels

19 Oct Channels, Channels, Channels

Hope is not a strategy.

One of the first slides I show in my Digital Campaign Management course is the quote above. It refers to the need to really calculate every decision you make when deciding to promote something in the digital space. From understanding your value proposition to determining your target audience, each step needs to be well thought-out or you risk failure (but at least failure is relative).

Hope is not a strategy.HOW you promote your message is equally as important as WHO you promote it to. The medium and the methods should be chosen very carefully. What I’m talking about is tactics, and referring specifically to the channels we choose.

Digital Marketing Channels can be very different in many ways. Some demographic segments prefer certain social channels, and others find comfort in direct contact (usually via email). Knowing your audience and making sure you choose a targeted segment will allow you to focus on which channel is the most successful.

The channel(s) you choose may also influence your value proposition as well and shouldn’t be based solely on audience. If your value proposition is a special offer to an exclusive group, using a tweet to promote it might be seen as exclusionary to some. Be careful at how broad to spread your message if you’re restricting the availability of your value proposition. It’s not very difficult for a digital campaign to turn negative if your Value Proposition and Audience don’t hit the same targets.

The added bonus of using a targeted audience, a targeted value proposition, and offering it over targeted channels is one that I think is obvious – better measurable results. In a LOT of cases, small, targeted campaigns are much more effective than one large mass market campaign, and allow you to continually evolve your campaign strategy and build upon shorter term successes.

When you’re developing a digital campaign remember the famous words of Marshall McLuhan:

The medium is the message.

There is still that symbiotic relationship by which the medium influences how your message is perceived. Choosing the right channel will make sure your brand and message are perceived in the right way.