Matt Humphreys | Where have all the idols gone?
A versatile professional, Matt Humphreys is a skilled project manager, a talented singer, and an inspiring speaker in classrooms, boardrooms and on stage.
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Where have all the idols gone?


14 Jul Where have all the idols gone?

This year American Idol will ride into the sunset, and what a ride it has had. When Canadian Idol ended things after Season 6 due to the “economic downturn”, it was the end of the gravy train for Sony BMG who sold over half a million records from idols (not counting the post-idol release of ‘Call Me Maybe’ of course). Not surprising considering the last winner likely didn’t crack the 50k mark.

Considering 2015 marks MY #10yearsafteridol anniversary, I did some digging into what everybody else is doing. It’s easy to figure out what I’ve been up to… just read a few pages of this site of course… and a number of my fellow contestants are still connected with me on Facebook, so I know what THEY’RE doing. While¬†some of the other contestants can easily be found through the all powerful Google, some can’t at all…likely they’re not involved in the music business or don’t have any want or need for the spotlight.

In all my digging, I found a great Toronto Star article by Ben Rayner on what Idol Alumni are up to. Apparently the success factor has been pretty good for some, and some are selling used cars.